An ayurvedic formulation with a powerful combination of therapeutic oils that treat 20 different kinds of orthopaedic pains. It significantly helps in symptomatic relief of pain, stiffness, inflammation and thus improves the quality of life. You normally would see visible results in just few days


Spread out 5ml of Recomfort Pain Oil on the problem area and gently massage for a few minutes. Repeat as often as required.


This product contains only Ayurvedic oils like Nilgiri, Mahanarayan Taila, Gandhpurwa Taila Nirgundi and Vishgrabha Taila alongwith 13 Ayurvedic ingredients.

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Recomfort Pain Oil (Ayurvedic Pain Oil) Packing 120ml

Recomfort Pain Oil is a blend of 13 ayurvedic herb extracts that is effective in relieving pains in various parts of the body. Be it the muscles, back, legs, shoulders or joints. All the ingredients are naturally derived and of supreme quality to ensure you get effective pain relief in a safe manner. The active ingredients found in Recomfort Pain Oil stimulate blood circulation and ease out stiff muscles and limbs that cause body aches and muscular pains. It is also helpful in treating severe joint pains by reducing swelling. The quick absorption formula of this oil, along with a good spreadability, guarantees speedy relief from pain, especially those in chronic conditions.

दर्द से Comfort with Recomfort

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60ml, pack of 2 (60ml each), 120ml, Pack of 2 (120ml each)

8 reviews for Recomfort Pain Oil

  1. Amit Kumar

    Instant relief within 5 min I hot

    • R.O.B.H Pvt Ltd

      Thank you So much Sir??

  2. Reena upadhaya

    Mere ghutno me bohot dard thi ab is recomfort painoil ki masaj se ab bilkul aaram hain thank you so much recomfort painoil

    • R.O.B.H Pvt Ltd

      Thank you so much ??

  3. Manish Gaurav

    The best pain oil

    • R.O.B.H Pvt Ltd

      Thank you so much ?

  4. Rahul Kumar

    Very nice product. It does not have a strong smell like other Ayurvedic pain oils. I use it for knee pain of my mother. I also have used it very frequently myself for pain related to sports.

    • R.O.B.H Pvt Ltd

      Thank you so much ?

  5. Chitra Singh

    This is quick result & If I could give 100 stars to this product,I would!!

    • R.O.B.H Pvt Ltd

      Thank you so much ?

  6. Sameer


  7. Shakshi

    Best Pain oil, Best Offer
    Shipping thora improve kar dijia

    • R.O.B.H Pvt Ltd

      Thank you so much?
      We will improve our shipping system

  8. Rajeev Banarjee

    Nice product ? Non sticky

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