About Us

Rank One Life Science is One of the leading privately held pharmaceutical company in India, expert in Marketing and Distribution in the Pharmaceutical and OTC industry. Founded in 2009 Rank One Life Sciences has more than 13 years successful track record for introducing and commercializing ENT Medicine in India and leading to a dynamic growth in Sales and Marketing. Our expertise in E.N.T Domains and diversified segments of the Health and Beauty care industry has positioned us a trusted partner and reliable company. In addition to activities in our core expertise are within: ENT, NUTRACEUTICAL, ORTHOPEDICS, GENERAL MEDICINE along with CHILD and BEAUTY CARE, We maintain long-standing relations with our business partners , Hospitals, local medical centers, physicians and costumers. We operate under strict WHO, GMP and ISO standards – ensuring that all of our procedures and business conducts are of the highest market standards.

Our Mission

 Is to introduce the most advanced and innovative solutions to patients, with dedicated focus on professionalism and the highest quality of service.

Our Management

RANK ONE LIFE SCIENCES dedicated Management leads a team of experts in the Pharma industry based on vast experience:

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