Rank One Life Sciences is a leading Pharmaceuticals Marketing company in India.

Rank One Life Sciences: How it started

We had a modest start in the year of 2002 as a small Pharmaceutical marketing firm. Since then we have witnessed many changes and have attained maturity in our operation with a varied products & services in our portfolio. Our sales increased many folds so do our head counts. Our portfolio has many products to offer.

Rank One Life Sciences: Doc Assist

In 2012 Rank One Life Sciences started an independent IT division for the Research & Development of IT products & services into Healthcare stream. Rank One Life Sciences’ modus operandi has created Doc Assist , a new Electronic Transcription & Prescription Application for Doctors and Clinics. Doc Assist is in its advanced level of Development and will be available for Doctors by the end of 2016.

Rank One Life Sciences: Website Services

Website Services offered by Rank One Life Sciences has created many websites  for Doctors and various hospitals across India. For more information, please contact our Medical Representatives.

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