Doc Assist: Doctors eAssiatant

Doc Assist – eAssistant for Doctors!!!


This revolutionary powerful product “Doc Assist” will change the way of traditional record keeping of Patients and the way of writing the prescriptions.
  • This product is equip with a very easy interface, can very quickly be learned and mastered. “Doc Assist” saves time in writing a prescription.
  • Entry of Medicines & Path Lab test is very easy and fast.
  • It removes the error in reading medicine’s names by medicine retailers.
  • The Prescription generated is in light & beautiful PDF format and is customized as per the look and feel of a Doctor.
  • “Doc Assist” comes with a module that takes care of the reminder service to the Patients for the scheduled next visit and a successful registration message over SMS.
  • Reporting tool of “Doc Assist” provides a very useful day-to-day supervision of Patients Visited & Medicines Prescribed.
  • This product can be customized for some special need of the Doctors as per demand.


If you have any query or wants to know more about this product, please contact our representatives.


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